My Neighbor’s Yard e05 (The Simpsons: Tapped Out)

simpsons tapped out hospital glitch
simpsons tapped out hospital glitch
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Fifth and last episode in “My Neighbor’s Yard” series. It’s been great fun showcasing clever landscaping and creations from the community, in The Simpsons: Tapped Out!
Don’t worry – may not be my last Simpson’s video – I have some ideas for another series.

In this video I:
– Look at Springfields from my last challenge: Robot
– Peek into some of My Neighbors’ Yards

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Springfields from my last challenge, Robot Challenge
bulldogdx – hedge benhder
Fergus – vehicles robot
jcmsmith – hedge robot with fiery eye beam
Jeff – space invader robot
jemacamp – Bender Bending Rodriguez with cigar
jgazmom1 – A downed robot
le me – hedge robot w trashcan antenae
minichilly – 3D robot with cannons
mona.sweep – andy robot parking meter eyes
Nachitooooo – garden robot
NashEast – Grandpa Simpson relaxes at Bender Bending Rodriguez Memorial Park
sweetyyy0610 – trashcan bender
Tom – fence and gazebo robot
willg21988 – nuclear waste robot
WINNER : wupain – voltron bear robot

My Neighbors’ Yards featured this week
adidaswp – Burns Manor Guest House
backwoods3a – nice park
Beepbeep2011 – race track
BenisawesomeBD – pier
brika332 – eggs please
cavemanelliott – interesting beach
cgreen648 – tall tower lawn chair on balcony
cristofish – house on hill, parking garage, spiral walls, tennis court, walls around Mt. Carlmore
Crowe2468 – duff stadium
emmamols – graveyard
figallo93 – dense trees
Firebugg69 – WWE Undertaker
HaloBoy678 – lush schoolyard
Hawaiianpn0i – random landscape
horror1 – olympic pool
j20hiphip – farm and storage unit
jinky7425 – floral arrangement at hospital
Josh – Doing Experiments on Reindeer
Kevin – Moes hedge maze
LCallum97 – buddhist temple gardens
Lilybug77 – dog prints near springfield downs, Itchy and blinky balloons
Lisclad – burns mansion
mirie212 – thanks for eggs
OSebhlen – hedge crocus combination, Zen peace buddhist temple
Razorb33 – butterfly gardens
ron_ps2 – Impossible Falls
samparker01 – swankyfish
StandTall – burning homer, hedge and fence around Retirement Castle
Stephinky – valet parking at guilded truffle
tatcar2012 – strange 3d effect
willg21988 – motor speedway
wupain – multicolored screen effect, multiple pools

Stay tuned for more videos!


“The Simpsons: Tapped Out” is a freemium video game for iOS and Android, based on The Simpsons, by EA Mobile.

Music: “Jaunty Gumption” by Kevin MacLeod.

“Minecraft” is a video game by Mojang.
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