simpsons tapped out donuts too expensive
simpsons tapped out donuts too expensive
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The Simpsons Tapped Out - THOH XXVII & Updates

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Das Halloween Event, welches schon seit einigen Wochen bereits gestartet ist, lässt einige neuer und alter Objekte sowie Personen auf die Spieler warten.
Ähnlich wie das bei “SciFi” werden hier mutierte Werwölfe oder Riesen Würmer anstatt den Robotern zum einsammeln von Event nötigen Items verwendet.
Zusätzlich kann man hier einige Charaktäre zu Missionen schicken, die zusätzliche Items einbringen, die man braucht um alles aus diesem Event zu gewinnen.
Ich habe bereits wie man im Video erkennen kann den Ersten Teil komplett eingesammelt. Bei diesem, zweiten Teil, wird es etwas schwieriger und beim kommenden dritten Teil noch schwieriger, die zu gewinnenden Items zu bekommen.

Wer genug Geld übrig hat sollte sich auch die Kürbisköpfe, die Kürbisfelder, sowie die sonstigen Items für dieses Event kaufen. Diese Kosten nicht viel und damit kann man seine Stadt um einiges “verschönern”.

Übrigens Ich habe die Maximale Items Anzahl in der App erreicht und kann keine neuen Items mehr platzieren. Damals ging es etwa bei 5900 Items los als die ersten Sicherheitswarnungen mir gezeigt worden sind. Nun sind es 8600 Items!!! So ist es auch kein Zufall, dass häufiger “bugs” entstehen- diese werde ich in einem späteren Zeitpunkt hochladen.

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The Halloween Event stated few weeks ago. With it there are some new Items and Charakter who are waiting for You.
Similar to the “SciFi” are here werewolfs and big worms instead of robot, which help to collect items to get Event Building and Charakters.
In Addition you can send some Charakters to do quest which collect items and coins too. …
How you see in this video I completed the first part of this event. At this second part it is a bit difficult to gain all Items from this event. And in the third part it will be more difficult to get it all… – we will see-

Who had enough money should buy the pumpkin heads and pumkin fields and the other items which are avaible to buy. These are not expensive and can help you to get a town which could help to “looks better”.
By the way i reached the max. Items in this game. First there was a 5900 warning. Now Its a 8600 Warning which say I could not put new items on my city. Because of this i get some “bugs” and I will upload it soon.

If you have some question you can write this in the commentary box.
Have fun with this videos
See you soon!

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Bart Gets an Elephant

“Bart Gets an Elephant” is the seventeenth episode of The Simpsons’ fifth season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 31, 1994. In this episode, Bart wins a radio contest and is awarded a full-grown African elephant that he names Stampy. After Stampy wrecks the Simpsons’ house and eats all the food, Homer decides to sell Stampy to an ivory dealer. Bart runs away with Stampy to save his pet, but the family finds the two at a museum exhibit, where Homer sinks into a tar pit. Homer is saved by Stampy, and so gives the elephant away to an animal refuge instead.

The episode features cultural references to the songs “Sixteen Tons” and “Do-Re-Mi”, and the La Brea Tar Pits cluster of tar pits located in Hancock Park in Los Angeles, California. Since airing, the episode has received mostly positive reviews from television critics. It acquired a Nielsen rating of 10.7, and was the highest-rated show on the Fox network the week it aired.

During cleaning day at the Simpsons’ house, Bart wins a KBBL radio contest after the station’s DJs, Bill and Marty, call him up. They give Bart the choice of two prizes: ,000 in cash or a full-grown African elephant. Bart chooses the elephant. This surprises Bill and Marty, who believed that nobody would ever choose an elephant, and thus have no elephant to give away. They offer Bart a variety of other prizes, all of which he refuses. Word spreads throughout town about Bill and Marty’s refusal to give Bart an elephant, prompting their boss to give them a choice: either arrange for delivery of the elephant, or lose their jobs. They decide on the former option.

Bart names his new elephant Stampy and ties him to a post in the backyard. Lisa begins complaining that keeping an elephant as a pet is cruel, while Homer is concerned that Stampy will eat him out of house and home. In an effort to offset food costs, Bart and Homer exhibit Stampy by charging customers to pet and ride him, but they fail to make enough money to cover the elephant’s food costs for one day. Homer and Marge decide that their house is unsuitable for an elephant to live in, and that Stampy is way too expensive to maintain as a pet, and tell the children the elephant must go. The family is visited by a representative of a game reserve, who says their acres of open land similar to African Savannah would be a good habitat for the elephant to live in. However, as the family is pondering what to do about Stampy, a wildlife poacher named Mr. Blackheart offers to buy Stampy. Homer wants to take the money, but Lisa is against the idea — particularly since Mr. Blackheart openly admits he plans to have Stampy killed for his ivory tusks. Just as Homer and Mr. Blackheart reach a deal, Stampy and Bart run off, wreaking havoc throughout Springfield, and are soon nowhere to be found. The family begins searching and finds them at the Springfield Tar Pits, where Homer gets stuck in one of the tar pits. Homer is freed by Stampy, and gratefully agrees to donate the elephant to a wildlife reserve.

The Springfield Tar Pits are inspired by the La Brea Tar Pits located in Hancock Park in Los Angeles, California. The museum in the background of the scene where Homer sinks into one of the tar pits resembles the George C. Page Museum of the La Brea Discoveries. When Stampy runs away, he passes the Republican National Convention, with people cheering, and then he passes the Democratic National Convention, with people booing. This is a reference to the fact that an elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party. Homer uses Mr. Cleanser, a parody of the detergent brand Mr. Clean, to clean the basement.[8] As Bart cleans, he accidentally scrubs the paint off an American Gothic painting hanging on the wall. Under the paint is a message signed by the painter, Grant Wood, reading: “If you can read this, you scrubbed too hard.”

The scene in which Stampy’s eye is seen through a window of the Simpson family’s house is similar to a scene with a Tyrannosaurus rex in the film Jurassic Park. While cleaning the house, Marge turns on the radio and the song “Sixteen Tons” by Merle Travis is heard. The scene in which Homer crashes his car into a deer statue at the Springfield Tar Pits parodies the lyrics to the Sound of Music song “Do-Re-Mi” as Homer shouts: “D’oh!” followed by Lisa: “A deer!” and Marge: “A female deer!” Homer reads an old TV Guide in which the synopsis of an episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. reads “Gomer upsets Sgt. Carter”, a possible synopsis for every episode of that series. He also imagines the episode with a thought of both Carter and Pyle standing next to each other. Carter yells, “Pyle!” and Pyle responds, “Shazam!” As Stampy wreaks havoc throughout Springfield, Patty and Selma are sucked up by a tornado and fly through the air in rocking chairs, similar to a scene in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. 1pp2p30eccmcv3443

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