Righteous Ambition – Introduction(Preview)

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simpsons tapped out righteousness glitch
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This is just a little preview for my song “Introduction”, which im going to release in about three weeks (at that time i will be done with all of my finals)

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They tought we were dumb, but we proved them wrong
Imma show you how stupid you were, throughout of this song
Cause all they ever did, was point fingers and laugh
But they would never know how bad that they’d be feeling my wrath.

Cuz who am I? Im that guy, who can kill you with rhymes
Cuz imma be choppin your body to pieces, till they barely enzymes
And I am killing tracks so hard it’s like im walkin on mines
And even my pen was set on fire when I wrote these lines

Wake up, write lines go to sleep
Everyday doing the same on repeat
Even when im sleeping I am looking for the words that I can bring up to the table put them onto the sheet

Pen to the paper, mind starts to fly
Everytime I write I levitate to the sky
You hink im sped up? Well shit thats a lie
Its a skill that I´ve developed over time, you know why?

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