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Nous avons joué Simpsons: Tapped Out depuis un moment et penser Electronic Arts – l’éditeur du jeu – vraiment le gameplay affiné jusqu’à ce qu’il soit simple mais attachant. En intégrant des tropes, des images et des sons de l’émission de télévision du réel Simpon, ils ont également fait le jeu amusant.

L’Expansion Squidport ajoute un certain nombre de caractères balnéaires et les bâtiments et mises à jour sur quelques aspects du jeu actuel.

Tout d’abord, vous devez être au dessus du niveau 15 pour profiter des nouvelles tuiles balnéaires, des bâtiments et des personnages. Si vous n’êtes pas à ce niveau, vous pouvez toujours télécharger la mise à jour, mais il ne sera pas complètement activé jusqu’à ce que vous atteignez le niveau 15. La mise à jour introduit le capitaine de la mer et de six autres nouveaux personnages – cinq d’entre eux promenade des artistes de rue comme des cracheurs de feu.

Il ya neuf nouveaux bâtiments inclus dans l’extension Squidport – cependant, ils ne peuvent être placés sur les sections de tuiles de promenade au bord de la mise à jour comprend. Chacun des bâtiments prendre jusqu’à 4 tuiles et le coût des tuiles entre 19,000 $ et 33,000 $ – de sorte qu’il est certainement une expansion avancé comme ils tuiles et bâtiments vous un temps assez long pour construire prendre.

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Plz Taux et abonnez-vous.

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tapped out hack keyThe Assimilator: The tiny Rigellians of the Halloween 2018 promotion, once finding a host to bite into, seem to absorb some of the physical characteristics of that particular character.
Back from the Dead: It’s implied through various characters’ dialogue that everybody got killed in the explosion (except Homer). Characters who make reference to this are Herman, Lenny, Carl, Rod and Tod.
The ghost of Maude Flanders becomes available as a character during the Halloween 2013 storyline.
Frank Grimes Also comes back with the level 51 update.
And Mona Simpson for Valentine’s 2018.
Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop: Chief Wiggum is too lazy to do much about the crime in Springfield, and has Lou and Eddie do the dirty work for him. Further implied when, during the storyline for level 33, he has the entire town arrested for petty crime.
Bare Your Midriff: Barney and Comic Book Guy, both large men who wear t-shirts a little too short to cover everything.
Beach Episode: The June 2013 update allows you to further expand the size of your Springfield by turning the edge of the map into a beach, upon which you can build the Squidport pier.
Big Boo’s Haunt: The Bad Dream House, exclusive to the Halloween 2012 storyline.
Black Is Bigger in Bed: When you unlock Lou, tap on him.
Lou: Aside from my gun, what makes me feel like a man is my enormous genitals.
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Homer does this a few times. Setting him a task (such as Clean up Springfield or Plant Shift) may cause him to respond “Aw, work, I thought this was a game!” or “I wish this was a shooter game.”
Also, repeatedly tapping on Homer will cause him to laugh, giggle and acknowledge that the player is poking him.
Homer: “Hello, giant finger!”
The Christmas 2013 splash screen actually shows, instead of the usual Homer being chased by the giant finger, him walking alongside it! He’s lost his fear of the player, it seems.
Some of the quest dialogue will also make mention of you, or the game-world (“all my money is fake” , “we’ve received complaints that it’s difficult to locate characters” , “they pay whatever we ask them to whenever we need a new building” etc.)The Benefits of Our Cheats

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