[Status: Offline] Simpsons Tapped Out Free Money No Survey or Download!

the simpsons tapped out mod apk offline
the simpsons tapped out mod apk offline
The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack - CLICK HERE!

Sorry guys but Simpsons Tapped Out wont let me make you get donuts to keep or make you have a higher XP… but I can give you anything you need! I could also still give you unlimited cash, krustyland tickets, characters, and more! If there is anything you want to unlock, be very specific and email me. If you want me to unlock something for you, you are going to have to comment how much money you have gotten from me. If I let you keep all those donuts, your account would have been banned. Please like and share all my videos and Subscribe to me.

Q: Do you do Krustyland Tickets also?
A: Yes I do Krustyland tickets too, but I cannot give you unlimited tickets sadly. 🙁 I could only do up to 10,000 tickets, but hey, thats a lot right? 🙂

Q: Can you unlock property too?
A: Of course! But don’t expect me to clean up all the trash 😉

Q: I want to see what your world looks like, what is your username?
A: Search up “darkriegam” and the first thing that should pop up is on name, click it and then you just added me 🙂
♥please add me as a friend♥

Q: Are you going to mess up my world to unlock things?
A: No not at all! I will simply unlock things and put them in storage so you know that I unlocked it and put it where you choose to. I will only mess it up when the user gives me permission 😛

Q: Do you have any other mods??
A: Yes indeed I do 🙂 I have xbox 360 mods and I could unlock achievements for you too! Need help in single player? or are you bored of single player? No worries! I could mod your single player and some multiplayer! (Not the popular games that have multiplayer) Also some free gamer pics! Family Guy QFS, most mobile games, etc.

Q: Are you sure I could trust you?
A: I am very trustworthy indeed. I would never put grief into anyone’s account because I find it very wrong! Take a look at some real comments below the FAQ 🙂

Q: Are you still doing this?
A: Look at the title of my video. If it says “Online” then I am still doing it. If it says “Offline” it means I am not doing it at this very moment. 😉

Anymore questions that have not been answered? Feel free to contact [email protected] or comment below 🙂
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The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack - CLICK HERE!