Survive This Shit 001(Free Hoes…)

simpsons tapped out jack o lantern
simpsons tapped out jack o lantern
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Alright guys this is my first upload of any other series, this is a survival island based map called Oasis Survival, I will hopefully be able to complete every one of these challenges before I stop uploading :D….
1) Make a two-story house with a basement
2) Make a wheat farm
3) Make a sugar-cane farm
4) Make an automated cacti farm
5) Make twenty bookshelves
6) Find the dungeon
7) Make a diamond block
8) Make a gold block
9) Make an iron block
10) Make five TNT
11) Go to the nether
12) Make an dungeon trap
13) Get a stack of glowstone dust
14) Make a red brick fire-place (with netherrack)
15) Make three cakes
16) Make a Jukebox and play a disc
17) Make a minecart system
18) Make seven mushroom stew
19) Make a mob trap involving dispensers (can be made as dungeon trap)
20) Make a set of iron armor
21) Make a glass green house
22) Make a pink sheep
23) Make a green sheep
24) Make a bow and one stack of arrows
25) Kill a creeper with your hands
26) Make a clock
27) Get ten cooked pork from setting pigs on fire
28) Acquire twenty cooked fish
29) Make an infinite water source
30) Make a set of diamond tools
31) Make a set of iron tools
32) Make a set of stone tools
33) Find Eric’s grave
34) Find Eric’s chest
35) Find Eric’s underground house
36) Make a compass
37) Craft four pieces of wool
38) Grow grass using bone-meal
39) Make a piano song with a minimum of eight note blocks
40) Smelt sixty-four smooth stone
41) Make a drop-shaft
42) Make half a stack of charcoal (NOT COAL!)
43) Grow five darkwood trees
44) Grow five birch trees
45) Find and tame a wolf
46) Make a doghouse for your wolf
47) Make a furnace room containing ten or more furnaces
48) Use all of the furnaces in your furnace room at the same time (10+)
49) Make a fence around your house
50) Make a diving board going from the top to the bottom of the map
51) build a cobblestone castle
52) build a pyramid out of sandstone with a minimum of 6×6 base
53) make a mushroom farm
54) build a second Oasis using a trail of grass on the other side of the map
55) make a redbrick chimmney going up from your fire place
56) make 3 jack-o-lanterns
57) wear a pumpkin
58) make an underground tree farm
59) survive a night without shelter or weapons.
60) play on hard mode
61) make a noob tower at your base/house
62) make an underwater house
63) Kill 10 skeletons(1)
64) Kill 15 spiders
65) Kill 15 zombies
66) Kill 5 creepers
67) Make 10 bread
68) Make a fountain out of glowstone
69) build a swimming pool using cement half steps
70) Build an island of at least 9 dry blocks in the oasis lake
71) Build an incinerator
72) create one of your farms underwater
73) Build a bridge across the lake
74) Grow fifteen trees(2)
75) Grow thirty trees
76) Grow fifty trees
78) Place every colored wool block in the game in your house.
79) Make a base in the Nether.
80) Kill ten aggressive mobs with your wolf.
81) Make a cobblestone factory.
82) Get to the sandstone island.

This is my second time carving pumpkins for Halloween! I decided to go all Simpsons themed for this years ones. I know it’s not Halloween anymore, but I had to finish them! If you want to check out the ones I did in 2018, there is a link below!

My 2018 Pumpkin Carving Video:

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The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack - CLICK HERE!