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tapped out hack fileThe Simpsons: Tapped Out is a village simulator that was first developed for iOS on February 17, 2012. It was then later exported to Android on January 29, 2013. The game was developed and published by Electronic Arts.
The premise of this game is that the player must help Homer Simpson avenge Springfield after a meltdown at the Nuclear Power Plant causes the entire city to be destroyed, stripping it bare of all buildings and citizens (excluding Homer and a huge heap of radioactive waste). As you progress through the game and avenge iconic Springfield locations, such as the Simpsons’ family home and the Kwik-E-Mart, you also unlock more of the townsfolk, e.g. Ned Flanders with the Flanders’ home and Principal Skinner with Springfield Elementary.
The game incorporates the use of experience points, with which the player can level up and gain access to more characters, decorations and buildings, and in-game currency that enables the player to purchase said items. Also included is premium currency, in the form of donuts, that the player can purchase with real money in order to gain access to exclusive (and sometimes limited time only) items that enhance gameplay.
The game requires an internet connection to play, as there are regular updates available for the app that are either automatic, or require manual installation.Loading Screen: The image will vary depending on updates or seasons. However, almost all will depict Homer running away from a giant finger.
Loads and Loads of Loading: If you have a particularly poor connection, this can (and most likely will) happen.
Man in a Kilt: Willie when performing the Play the Bagpipes task.
May–December Romance: Agnes has a 2-hour task that allows her to go on a date with Comic Book Guy.
Meta Guy: Homer.
Homer: “I wish this was a shooter game.”
Missing Mom: Marge and Luann, until you unlock them. Could also apply to Agnes Skinner, except Seymour wasn’t exactly missing her as such.
Moving Target Bonus: Sideshow Bob will occasionally appear in your Springfield, and tapping on him rewards you with money and Experience Points. Also, as part of the St. Patrick’s Day update, you could purchase a Leprechaun that randomly gives you small amounts of money or experience points if you tapped on him.
Many seasonal updates create swarms of characters or critters that yield event currency when tapped, such as Halloween zomibes, Whacking Day snakes, or members of the Order of the Stonecutters.
No Shirt, Long Jacket: Ned Flanders in his Devil costume.
Only Sane Man: Ironically, (or not, if you remember the twist of his debut episode) Hugo is easily the most “normal” and level headed of the Simpsons.Hi women and gentlemen, set yourself up for shiny new Simpsons Tapped Out hack that will change the way you take a gander at the diversion with the same title as our instrument and you will at last get to be one of the best Simpson manufacturer that Springfield saw. Our instrument concentrates on the excellent components in the diversion. That is to say, you will have the capacity to change everything in the diversion, fabricate every one of the things you need and make city you can long for. Every one of these things are conceivable right now on account of the device to which mirrors are enrolled down below!

There is no point of clarifying you what The Simpsons is. Everybody needed to viewed or possibly caught wind of this brilliant movement. This time you will have the capacity to play as your most loved family on your versatile gadgets. Your employment is to reproduce Springfield after senseless occurrence when Homer crushed it. In any case, so as to accomplish it you can construct exhausting structures one by one or skirt that part and proceed onward to additionally energizing minutes when you will have the capacity to box entire lodging bequests and manufacture eateries surely understood from the toon like Moe’s bar. Every last bit of it is conceivable on account of boundless assets ensured by Simpsons Tapped Out hack!
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The Simpsons Tapped Out

In this video I go over the characters Stephen Hawking, Sgt. Skinner, Robo Burns, Doggy Smithers. I also go over the items PolyVac, 3D Printer, Skyberdine Systems, Soul Extraction Institute, Future Duff Sign, Simpson’s Hover Car, Holo-Theater.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack - CLICK HERE!