The Simpsons Hit And Run – Level 2 All Gags [Collectible Guide]

simpsons tapped out police car cheat
simpsons tapped out police car cheat
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Not in order of video

– Gags –
1. Exploding toy car ride outside the Try-N-Save.
2. Milking rats on the rooftop of the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club,
Louie the Mafia thug. Access via the fire escape.
3. Missile behind Herman’s Military Antiques (near the entrance to the Matlock
Expressway – Downtown).
4. Otto inside the dumpster behind the Krusty Burger (opposite the Police
5. Flaming Moe’s on the bar in Moe’s.
6. Pickle jar on the bar in Moe’s.
7. Love Tester in Moe’s.
8. Poker machine in Moe’s.
9. Hans Moleman and the camera in the Department of Motor Vehicles.
10. Catapult in Springfield Park near the statue of Jebediah Springfield.
11. Cement mixer at the construction site.

Don’t ask what Full Metal Jackass but it’s from TGX’s perspective would be.

No. I am NOT trying to completely shit on TGX’s review of SHAR. Some of the points he made were valid such as the lack of mission variety and horrid vehicle physics. One of my problems with the review is how he rage quit this mission in particular because of ONE chase objective. The fact that he spent more time waiting out the timer to skip the mission than actually trying something different solely because of it (i.e. using a shortcut that isn’t the blue house) is what made me laugh at him. I’ve never failed any chase objectives on my very first playthrough of SHAR. Not even from Alien “Auto”topsy Part III (not saying that I beat that entire mission in one try).

EDIT: Upon further inspection, I found out that TGX has a massive ego. He has been removing numerous comments critiquing him from his review of SHAR. Holy shit. Now I’m glad I made this video.

As much as I don’t like doing those OP cop videos as I’ve done them numerous times, how else was I supposed to tweak this mission?
Video Rating: / 5

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