6 thoughts on “The Simpsons tapped out Cheat/Hack (4.11.6) UPDATE

  1. Hey add me on origin I'm ALWAYS online: TopDagger  ..oh and also you may know me from clash of clans if you play it, I'm level 207 and my names Seena. For those of you who don't know clash, I'm one of the highest players in that game. You can say my name and most people will be recognized. I retired so now I'm gonna play this game and I'm alwwwways gonna be online so add me!! :)

  2. Ok I followed the instructions and it appears to load a 2nd copy of the game however it requires an update to the Christmas version and when I try that it says it is not available in my country? So now I have 2 versions of the game on my phone, one out dated that I can't update and one current with my current acount

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