The Simpsons Tapped Out – Homer Buddha Spin

simpsons tapped out homer buddha glitch
simpsons tapped out homer buddha glitch
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The Simpsons Tapped Out – 100 Random Homer Buddha Rewards
The Simpsons Tapped Out – 100 Random Homer Buddha Rewards
Technically a Part 2 video.

Previously I leveled a city to max, unlocked everything, acquired 600 Donuts and bought 100 Mystery Boxes (6 Donuts each). The rewards were… lame. At best. I decided never to buy a Mystery Box again, but what about Homer Buddha’s? They’re 9 Donuts more, at a cost of 15 Donuts each, but each Buddha guarantees a premium item.

Premium can mean a lot of things; will it be a new character and 99 white Picket Fences? Although costing a mind bending 1,500 Donuts, £63-£70 depending on options, the end rewards blew the Mystery Boxes to pieces. The total Donut value of items won equated to 2,107 Donuts with 5 left over. I frequently won more Donuts, on 3 separate occasions I won boxes of 150! Although Squeaky Voice Teen made a comeback, I also won Hans Moleman, Frink’s Laboratory and the Springfield Sign. Not to mention all the premium decorations which will boost both my $ /XP income.

It must be noted that there’s a level of randomness to everything. Maybe I was excruciatingly lucky? I didn’t win any money, but the Mystery Boxes only seemed to award a maximum of ,000 a time. That’s nothing, a woeful amount once you start filling up your city. With the income bonuses from my premium decorations, I’ll be able to top that in well under a day.

Maybe there’s something in the game you really want? Save for it, don’t hope you’ll get lucky with a Box or Buddha. If you’re never going to survive a 170 Donut marathon to unlock the Springfield Sign… try a Buddha. Worked for me.

Mystery Boxes are off my Christmas list, for good.

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