TSTO – Sports Event | Springfield Arms | Community Prize

simpsons tapped out national donut day
simpsons tapped out national donut day
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Springfield Arms is the second community prize.
Sports Event ► http://bit.ly/1N8Z8jm
TSTO Community Prizes ► http://bit.ly/1fHgnht

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History behind National Donut Day
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This Friday is National Doughnut Day! (Yes, donut is technically spelled “doughnut.” It looks so weird!) To celebrate a bunch of doughnut chains are handing them out for free! Find out where to get your doughnut for the price of on the house! 😉

For the full list of the doughnut/donut places participating, checkout the Foodbeast article where I got my info! http://www.foodbeast.com/news/ultimate-donut-guide-2015/

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