Will This Be The LAST Vlog With Only 3 Kiddos?!? – JazLife Ep.32

simpsons tapped out garbage glitch
simpsons tapped out garbage glitch
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JazLife Episode 32 by @JazDoes
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an experiment in L+R audio/layering…

love and tingles

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Let's Play Simpsons Hit & Run, Part 23 - Apu's Octuplet Trouble

In this part, we avoid the mafia, get diapers for Apu’s babies, and help Professor Frink with his rogue hovercar.

I must say, I like how the music hit its intense part when I was in the final moments of the diaper mission.

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Week 2 is wrapped up unlocking Sheila in the Behind the Scenes Event. Next up is week 3. Update ends June 4, 2019.
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