Let’s Play Rayman Origins! – Part 31 – Infinite Fall! [Commentary] [HD]

simpsons tapped out debris donuts
simpsons tapped out debris donuts
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Let's Play Rayman Origins! - Part 31 - Infinite Fall! [Commentary] [HD]

Posponey embarks on his quest….to. Do something. Well. There appears to be an evil old lady involved. And some Lums…Lums are pretty dandy things. Oh well, fun plat-former!

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DELANSON – The cleanup continued in Duanesburg and Delanson on Monday, after a tornado tore through the area Thursday.

“The windows had imploded and the roof had been ripped off,” said Nicole Burian, from Delanson.

She and her daughter were not home during Thursday’s storm. But the damage left behind to their home was overwhelming. It became a little easier to handle when volunteers showed up Sunday and Monday.

“We got a call from the American Red Cross. They said hey, there are some people here who could use your help,” said Sam Kille, from Team Rubicon.

Team Rubicon is a national group of volunteers, mainly veterans, which travels to help after a disaster. The volunteers helping at Burian’s home were from across New York State, some were from Boston and some were local.

“It not only helps those affected by the disaster, but it helps us find that renewed sense of purpose that we had when we were still wearing the uniform,” said Kille.

On Monday, members of Team Rubicon joined other volunteers from the Red Cross and The Ancient Order of Hibernians to sort debris at Burian’s home. The goal was to speed up the work and cut down on a big cost.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own,” said Burian.

Across the street the team also helped Burian’s neighbor whose barn was damaged.

Steve Guernsey said he was at the barn during the storm, but found shelter and was ok. He is thankful his cattle were as well. To keep his animals safe the storm damage needed to be cleaned up.

“It’s hard to imagine what we would have to do on our own if they weren’t here,” he said. “We won’t forget them and what they have done for us.”

“I can’t put it into words. Thank you just doesn’t do it,” said Burian.

But the veterans CBS6 spoke with said that no words are needed. The opportunity to serve is enough.

“Just being here to help her, seeing that in her eyes, seeing all this devastation can be taken care of, with a little help, that’s all the thanks we really need,” said Captain Aristeas Tzovaras, an Army Reservist and local Team Rubicon volunteer. He helped organize the volunteer efforts locally.

“We are humbled to do it, we actually feel honored that people put trust in us to do this,” said Kille.

Monday afternoon, Team Rubicon also went to Duanesburg to help a family there whose home was destroyed.


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