The Simpsons: Tapped Out [506] Christmas Update (2019) Pt 3 {Old Tut & Universal Panacea}

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simpsons tapped out donuts cheat password
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Hey what’s going on guys, Ted2001 here!

In this TSTO let’s play series you will be able to see what I have been doing in my town recently, with all the updates that come with events in gameplay! 😊

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TSTO Christmas 2019
TSTO Abe’s in Toyland
TSTO Act 1
TSTO Claus & Son
TSTO Old Tut
TSTO Universal Panacea
TSTO Premium Character Walkthrough

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What’s new?

If it’s the “greatest generation,” then how come their stories are so boring? Play today and see who, or what, will be guilted into listening to Abe!

Abe’s first story starts from his youth. Young Abe believes to have seen an elf. The elf gives Young Abe a bottle to spread on his father Orville’s food to get him in the Christmas spirit. After doing so, Orville believes the bottle to not have been filled with magic but instead with grain alcohol. Orville gets sick from the grain alcohol and Santa comes down the chimney. Orville believes both Santa and the elf to be hobos that are trying to steal his pie. The elf encourages young Abe to lock his father in the closet and bring the pie to Santa and himself. Young Abe believes Santa would never lie so he obeys and eats pie with Santa and the elf.

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